Active Shooter Awareness Course Available in HealthStream

Trinity Health is committed to our Core Value of Safety for all colleagues and those in our care, which states, “We embrace a culture that prevents harm and nurtures a healing, safe environment for all.”

In light of recent events, we would like to remind you of our active shooter awareness course, which has been available on HealthStream since 2015. A new curriculum has been created for 2022 to reflect the TogetherSafe promise. Beginning January 3, 2022, colleagues may be assigned this curriculum or can self-enroll by searching for TH_Active Shooter Awareness Curriculum in the HealthStream catalog. This eLearning provides awareness-level knowledge for all colleagues about how to prepare for and respond to active shooter situations.

Once enrolled, choose the learning experience which reflects your primary work setting:

  • Clinical: Select the Active Shooter: Preparedness and Response in Health Care course (estimated completion time is 20 minutes). Note: This course provides 1-hour of continuing education creditsupon successful completion through CE Broker. 
  • Office: Select the TH_Active Shooter Awareness_Office Setting course (estimated completion time is 15 minutes).
  • Senior Living: Select the TH_Active Shooter Awareness_Senior Living Center course (estimated completion time is 20 minutes).​​​​​​​

For additional information, please see the following resources: