UPDATED: St. Joe’s Ann Arbor Needs Screeners, Clinical Nurses, ED Help and Other Support

SJMAA has been asking for nursing support over the past several weeks. However,we still urgently need nurses and other people (hourly and salaried) to assist in the critical care areas.  Incentives are being offered for those who help. 

Our team also needs screeners for a range of shifts during weekdays and weekends. To sign up for screener shifts, please click  HERE. (Incentive information: Entrance screeners are in the pay grade 305, which qualifies for an additional $10 per hour.

We also still need non-clinical runners(One role focused on 6N and one role to restock gowns across the units). To sign up, please  click hereRead more.

For Incentives/Compensation Plans please see: Incentive Program for Critical Staffing 11 14 2021 and Exempt Employee Compensation Working Additional Shifts 11 14 2021 

In addition to the care areas listed above, SJMAA ED continues to have critical needs for support.  See details below:

Colleagues with any type of background, both clinical and non-clinical can sign up to help us meet these needs. All colleagues must be fit tested and wear an N95. If you need to be fit tested, please contact EHS at 2-3297. See the sign-up links below for the details:

The additional roles we are requesting:

RoleLocationWho Can Fill this Role?
ED ClinicalEDRN, APP – *Sign Up Here
ED Non-ClinicalEDAll Colleagues *Sign Up Here
ICU Clinical ICURN *Clinical PPE and Access Questionnaire

*ICU Sign Up Instructions – RNs who would like to support the ICU, should please fill out this PPE Survey: Clinical PPE and Access Questionnaire.  After filling out the form, colleagues will receive a follow up email. 

*ED Sign Up Instruction: Please use the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet to find the correct sign-up sheet for the role.

Please work with your Manager who will approve the extra shifts and also follow the guidelines in this policy during the current need for surge planning.