Kevin Barron Receives DAISY Award for Comforting Patient at End of Life

LIVONIA – While patients are always deserving of compassion, those reaching the end of life may require a special level of care. Kevin Barron, an RN in the ICU, was able to provide this for a patient recently. The family wrote the hospital to share their thoughts on Kevin’s kindness. His empathy made a true difference for a patient reaching the end of life, and earned him this month’s DAISY Award.

Kevin was nominated for the DAISY Award by a patient’s family member, who wrote, “Kevin was exceptionally kind and respectful in his interactions with my brother.  He took a genuine personal interest in [the patient] and in us.  He was patient and calm and honest in his explanations.  He truly gave [my brother] hope and compassion and he felt his caring.  He gave [my brother] the last good day of his life.”

Congratulations, Kevin, and thank you for being there when a patient needed you most.