How to Submit Your Vaccine Documentation for Faster Processing

About 85% of managers and about 46% of colleagues overall have submitted their COVID-19 vaccine documentation. Thank you! If you have not yet, please do so as soon as possible, as deadlines are nearing.  

For Managers, Directors, VPs and Senior Officers: 

  • 8/6/21 – Exemption Requests Due Date  
  • 8/24/21 – Final Dose and Submission to HR4U 

For Supervisors, Coordinators and All Other Colleagues:  

  • 8/20/21 – Exemption Requests Due Date  
  • 9/21/21 – Final Dose and Submission to HR4U 

Please do not wait until the deadline so our teams can efficiently process the high volume of submissions. Waiting to submit until the deadline will delay your documentation status. Currently, the processing time is up to three weeks.   

Tips for Faster Processing of your Vaccine Documentation  

  • On the COVID-19 vaccination form in the HR4U colleague portal, the Lot # is a required field but if unknown or unavailable, simply enter N.A. This field may not be left blank.  
  • Ensure your CDC vaccination card or other documentation proof contains your first and last name, dosage dates, manufacturer and location/provider. ​​​​If this information is missing, your submission will be rejected.  

Example of Complete Vaccine Proof Documentation  

  • First or last name and date of birth missing  
  • Missing first and last names and date of birth 

More Information  

The processing time is up to three weeks, due to the high volume. To check your status, follow these three steps: 

1. Look for the email from HR4U indicating that your submission case is closed in HR4U. It looks like this:  

2. Log into the HR4U colleague portal

3. Click on “My Requests” to view information on open or pending cases or “Closed” to view the approved or denied status of closed cases.