Amber Stinson Helps Make Graduation a Reality for Ailing Senior

LIVONIA – When a patient was admitted to St. Mary Mercy Livonia on the eve of her high school graduation, she and her parents were devastated at the thought of missing her commencement ceremony. Fortunately, she was under the care of ICU RN Amber Stinson. Amber was not only able to tend to the patient’s medical needs, but her emotional needs as well, enacting “Operation Celebration” to help the patient make it to graduation. Amber’s extraordinary efforts earned her the latest BeRemarkable Award.

Amber was nominated by a colleague, who shared the story of a patient admitted with diabetic ketoacidosis on the night before her graduation ceremony. She wrote that the patient and her parents “spent the night arguing, crying, trying to come to terms with this devastating situation they found themselves in. In the morning, Amber was assigned to be her nurse. The first thing she said after report was ‘We have to find a way to get this girl to her graduation!’ Amber set her sights on this goal, and she along with our manager, her co-workers, and the ICU resident moved mountains that day to make it happen. They managed her medical needs efficiently and effectively to make it safe for discharge.”

At that point, Amber put “Operation Celebration” into action, ensuring that the patient had access to a shower and appropriate clothes for her graduation. She even helped the patient with her makeup and hair. The colleague who nominated Amber added, “As Amber wheeled her out in her wheelchair ‘chariot,’ another nurse even played ‘Pomp and Circumstance’ music for our patient.  What started out as a crushing situation, turned into a grand story this young woman will have to tell for the rest of her life. Amber should be celebrated for being the driving force behind making this happen.”

Congratulations, Amber! Thank you for going above and beyond for this patient, and for bringing such joy to her on a milestone day.