Pete Kowalak, SJMO Security Officer, Honored with BeRemarkable Award

OAKLAND – Our Security team does more than keep colleagues and patients safe; they also contribute to patient care and improve the patient experience. Pete Kowalak, a Security Officer at SJMO, demonstrated this by helping calm an upset patient through a friendly conversation. This allowed the care team to focus on higher-acuity patients. For his kindness and compassion, Pete was honored with the BeRemarkable Award.

Pete was nominated by a colleague, who shared how Pete had helped the Emergency Department team at a stressful time. She wrote, “This evening was a particularly difficult shift in the Emergency Department… One of our nurses was overwhelmed with her assignment, and most of her time was being occupied by one patient with dementia what would almost continuously attempt to elope. Pete was assigned to the ED at the time, and he moved to that patient so that he could still watch the psychiatric patients. He was so kind to her, and he was distracting her from her desire to leave by staying with her and conversing about her family and her holidays.”

The colleague continued, “We were waiting for her husband to arrive so that the husband would stay with her and calm her enough to keep her in the ED. Pete ended up staying with her until her husband came, which allowed for the nurse to care for her other patients (one of which was critical and really needed her time) and the patient to be happy and comfortable in his care.”

Congratulations, Pete! Your compassion and thoughtfulness not only helped calm the nerves of a patient in distress, but allowed the care team to tend to other patients in need.