ServiceNow Login Update Effective August 17 

Beginning Aug. 17, 2021, Trinity Health ServiceNow, our application for technical support, will verify your identity at login using Microsoft Azure, the cloud-based, single-sign on program we use for several other applications (Outlook, Teams, etc.). Trinity Information Services will transition the ServiceNow sign-in process from the “purple page” to the Microsoft solution (Azure) used to access Microsoft 365 applications. 

What you need to do  

  • Beginning Aug. 17, log into ServiceNow using your Microsoft cloud username (your Trinity Health email address or the same username you use to log into Microsoft 365) and your standard Trinity Health network password.   


More Information  

  • This update is part of Trinity Health’s ongoing migration of applications to Microsoft Azure, a secure program frequently updated to keep your information secure, to authenticate users’ identities.   
  • An added benefit will be less frequent logins to other Trinity Health applications, as a “cookie/token” will be established. This will mean that once you’ve logged into one application using Microsoft Azure, you will be automatically authenticated into all other applications while the single sign-on tokens remain active.