CEO Rob Casalou Discusses Close of FY2020, New Year of Renewal

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Mercy Health, St. Joe’s and our Medical Groups,

I wish to take a moment to speak to you as we now begin our fiscal year – a time of renewal.

The simple fact is that FY 2020 had unprecedented financial losses due to the unforeseen circumstances of COVID 19.  Together, we immediately stepped up to mitigate the impact that the ongoing financial crisis is having on us. 

These last few months have felt like a blur – both at work and at home.  I know many of you have worked incredibly long hours and dedicated yourself to our patients to battle this disease.  Many of you are working from home to support our health system and caregivers or have been furloughed and now are concerned by an announcement on resizing of our health system and wondering if your job is secure.  All this combined with the impact of the pandemic itself on you and your families has been stressful.   This has been hard and my heart is truly heavy knowing all this. 

But I do know some things that will help us and guide us in the coming months and years:

  1. You are all health care heroes. ALL of you.  We can be proud of how you stood side by side to care for the communities we serve. This is our mission and you have been steadfast in this commitment.
  2. We are a high performing ministry and have lead the way for years.
  3. We are preparing ourselves and designing for the future including a strong emergence plan.
  4. We remain dedicated to the health of our communities, patients, physicians, and colleagues.

Looking back on this year, our thinking will be dominated by COVID. But let’s not forget what happened on January 25, 2020. We launched the largest single instance of Epic in history. The year of intense preparation showed that when we work together we can do anything.  TogetherCare is no doubt a tool for us as we navigate and care for COVID patients.

The pandemic has tested us in new ways and together we have risen to the challenge of our lifetimes. Some days can feel uncertain, but please look ahead with hope. Our patients and communities need us – and we need each other.

On behalf of the entire Michigan Executive Team, I’m extending heartfelt thanks for the contributions you have made with your time and tireless dedication to this organization and ultimately our patients. I am truly inspired by all of you. THANK YOU.

Please continue to be safe and well as we enter into a new fiscal year.